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The president of the Champlain Seniors Service Club  presented last year with some elevator shoes.
A Champlain Seniors Service Club member receives  lifetime membership.
We are proud of our community and the volunteer support we provide to maintain much needed services.

Each week we have guest speakers on topics of concern or of special interest. Visit us at any meeting, feel our friendly handshake, sing a few golden oldies, and hear a few good stories and several bad jokes.

The weekly meetings are a great help at first for meeting new people and you will soon get to know everyone. The tagging for community organizations is a special way to meet and work with the members as well as make you feel good about helping the community and raising money or awareness for each of the many charitable organizations that we help.

There are so many new faces and so many names to remember when you first join the Champlain Seniors Service Club. There will likely be a few members that you know from other organizations but the majority of the members will be new faces.

We now have a new edition of the membership booklet and I encourage each new member to study and refer to this booklet often to get to better know the other members. You will be surprised how friendly these members are and they too will want to get to know you better. The booklet also is a great reference for some of us older members who tend to forget names and faces.

Chuck Penny
President 2018-2019

Message From The President
Mayor Stevens swearing in new Champlain Seniors Service Clubs board 2009-2010
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Message From The President
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"Volunteer service to a wide spectrum of worthy causes both local and national is the first obligation of membership."